Connect the Dots

I’ve always had a passion for fashion. I believe the way you dress reflects who you are and shows your personality. Fashion has no size or shape. It doesn’t require a specific style or have to be associated with any brands. Fashion is all about feeling comfortable with who you are and owning it. It’s about confidence and self love. Living in London changed my perspective of fashion. Back home in Dominican Republic, I used to think that whatever was trendy at the moment was considered “fashionable.” In London, every single person had a unique style. I remember walking down the streets and seeing so many vibrant colors, crazy combinations and outfits I wouldn’t even think of putting together myself. I felt like everybody woke up everyday ready to walk their runway. People were bold, fearless, and unafraid to take risks. There’s something about being unusual that makes people fascinating. This experience taught me to feel more comfortable with myself and to care less about what other people think. I have come to realize that I don’t always need the colors to match, the outfits to be skin tight, and wear the highest heels. I believe that whatever makes me feel confident and beautiful is what I should be wearing.

Every outfit tells a story.

blog 2.jpg

Yesterday was 100 degrees in Boston. I walked into my apartment and I felt like I could fry an egg on the wood floors. The heat was unbearable. I got a box in the mail with a pair of sunglasses I received from noranyc. I was excited because they were very versatile and I am able to wear it for any occasion. I threw on a little black and white polka dot dress and white heels I got from Target. It was simple yet fun and perfect for a hot summer day. I wore red lipstick for a pop of color and made my way out the door to finally escape the heat. What’s your story?

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